About Insha & Insha Academy


Mother of two children, worked successfully for more than 20 years as an entrepreneur in the IT sector (Cologne, Duesseldorf). 1980 she opened the first ‘Vobis’ branch in Germany. Shortly after she founded her own company ‘Joysoft’ as well as the first internet warehouse of the branch in Germany. At the same time she discovered the world of healing, learned Reiki, pranic healing, therapeutic touch, spiritual healing and other ways of alternative healing.

“Even as a child I had healing abilities and was lovingly supported by my mother in pursuing them. Then I forgot my abilities for a few years and only began in the 80s to discover the world of spiritual healing. Hereby I took a different route than most people of our time.”

Her heart and her love always expand into those areas of others that are untouchable, lost or have been forgotten by them completely. Just through her presence a bridge is built to the whole, the unity with God.

Since Insha’s love and her consciousness possess the quality of complete connectedness, which is only achieved through spiritual mastership, clear powerful energies, information currents of the Age of Aquarius flow into her work.


INSHA, the new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius, which she received from the spiritual world in 2001 and teaches since then, carry an infinitely beautiful light and at the same time are rooted in the power of the upcoming Age of Aquarius.

These new qualities, which are taught by Insha Holz, transform our being and our consciousness. Healing becomes more effective as her means and tools are based in a new approach, which we can experience but can hardly describe. To meet Insha is deeply touching.

Contact: insha@insha.org

Insha Academy

The Insha – Academy for the „new treatment methods of the Age of Aquarius“ is a school for the development and evolvement of health potential and self-awareness. At the core lies a profound training program, which delivers in-depth knowledge of spiritual healing. The „new treatment methods of the Age of Aquarius – Insha” concern themselves with energetic and spiritual healing. The term ‘energetic’ refers to the transfer of subtle healing energies. The term ‘spiritual’ refers to love (energy) and higher levels of knowledge. The courses are targeted at healthcare professionals and people who have a calling for healing in their lives. The methods and ways of healing are holistic and act on body, mind and soul.

Disease occurs when there is an imbalance between the human mind and its soul body. There can be many different causes for disease. However most causes present themselves within the brain waves. Brain waves are connected with the subtle bodies and the language and light of the soul. They are the connecting points between the human body and its soul potential. Working with brain waves enables direct solutions for all areas of the body to be found.
The healing and transformation energy can be administered to the brain waves in terms of “the Great Integrity of Love”. Causes of deep emotional pain can be brought to light and transformed in this way. The diseased body has the opportunity to activate its self-healing powers, which clear the pain at its source by eliminating the cause for disease.

Insha healing work brings the subtle bodies (aura) into an harmonious flow. This way the disease causing information embedded in the light body are dissolved into the flow of light. People, who begin to live in harmony with their light, can resolve subtle opacities in their light bodies, which are then no longer a cause for disease.
Traumata of incarnation from this or past lives can be pacified and brought into the light using the INSHA healing methods. Deep genetic causes for disease, which we have taken up from our family, can be resolved in this way. We learn to harmonise the brain waves so that the body can find its balance. Light information stored in the spine are directed from ‘wanting‘ to ‘devotion to love’. The flow of light of one’s own evolving power then flows unhindered through the spine. The flow of life frees itself within us, without us losing ourselves in our shadows. The INSHA healing methods are holistic treatment methods, which reinstate via the brain waves and light paths of the body the connection between body, mind and soul.

At the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, the human race enters into a new evolutionary spiritual development phase with new cosmic knowledge. The new Age is supported by the planet Uranus. Uranus is the leading planet in the Age of Aquarius and symbolises the complex evolutionary development of the human race. It represents the new, the unknown and is a symbol for revolution and individuation.

In the Age of Aquarius, the human race is led away from idealogical beliefs and dogmas and toward higher spiritual knowledge. True spiritual knowledge is not attached to human beliefs, but is tangible and for us to live.
The true highest spiritual knowledge is known to human kind since the the beginning of time in the form of the Vedas (ancient holy writings of hinduism), and was given to the apostles on Whitsunday as a special state of consciousness, where they could speak and understand all languages.
Astrologically speaking, Uranus is not only assigned to the highest knowledge but also to Logos, the holy spirit. With entering the Age of Aquarius, we receive access to ancient knowledge, healing methods and rituals.

The INSHA – healing methods convey the light of the Age of Aquarius and the new energy with which we can work. They support the body in adapting to the light, transparency and subtleness, in taking up, implementing and living light. The INSHA – healing knowledge allows us to exist as light beings in the material world and thereby opens up our potential on the spiritual and physical levels


The trainings at the academy encompass the subtle currents of the physical and light bodies, the brain waves, the currents of the spine, the chakras and the meridians.
Hereby deep insights are gained into the true causes of disease and the correlation of them with body, mind and soul. The INSHA trainings are based on theoretical contents, practical exercises and experiences of the participants. Besides attaining intellectual knowledge, making your own experience provides you with intuition, a sense of responsibility and ability to distinguish. Developing self-awareness is a key part of the INSHA Academy and serves the purpose of accelerated acquisition of knowledge and skills. The trainings not only serve to be able to help others to regain health, physical and emotional well-being, vitality and joy of life, but also to become more powerful, happier, healthier and more stable yourself.

Prospective participants of the INSHA trainings have the opportunity to talk to an INSHA teacher, who will happily answer any questions and provide more information (see Schools).

During the trainings, the unreleased potential and abilities of the participants are activated through meditation, regression work, initiation and practice and backed with teachings. Here you will not only learn to help others to regain health, physical and emotional well-being, vitality and joy of life, but also to become more powerful, happier, healthier and more stable yourself.

Apart from the initiations, the trainings are based in basic intellectual knowledge. A few parts of teaching are known from traditional chinese medicine (TCM). The healing knowledge and its practice has its origin in the Age of Atlantis. Since 2002 the ‘new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius – INSHA’ are again accessible and take into account the demands of the becoming Age. The contents of teaching comprise a methodical approach to the new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius.

The healing methods take effect through light (subtle energy) being administered through the hands of the INSHA healer. The specific quality of the INSHA healing methods is the knowledge of how brain waves operate and the subtle information currents that run through body, mind and soul.

The healer, through the course of the training, learns to use his hands to recognise and dissolve resistances in the subtle currents caused by hereditary structures, fears and thought processes, inculcated behavioural patterns or painful experiences in the body. The inner power of healing and focus is mobilised and the perception is trained.

The continuative INSHA II training is given every half year and is concerned with the crystal structures of the body and that body and light become one. Remnant structures of karma, which can appear as physical and/or psychological disease patterns, are recognised and resolved.

Furthermore you get shown how crystal structures work in the body and how these are re-activated to bring body and light into balance with one another.

The INSHA – healing methods have their origin in a time before Atlantis. Insha Holz brought them back from the spiritual world into her hands, and passes them on to you now.

INSHA I – the new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius

The INSHA I training comprises the knowledge and treatment methods of the brain waves and the currents of the spine. Through the initiation into the 7 holy sources of the Divine Mother, information are released, which help us to deal in a new way with disease patterns using the higher vibrations of the Age of Aquarius. The INSHA I training conveys the knowledge of how to stimulate self-healing powers in people, so that ailments and disease patterns, which have already manifested in the subtle field or are physically recognisable, can be dealt with responsibly.

This basic training, given every half-year, provides the participants with a completely new approach to recognising the body, mind and soul as a unit and to work holistically. The INSHA I training is directed towards anyone who feels drawn to healing or is active in the healthcare profession. Established spiritual and practical skills are conveyed as well as the broadening of your perception so that your desire for healing can become a reality. During the training, lectures, meditation, initiation and practical exercises are used to remind you of your healing ability, and to strengthen and train this ability.

Duration: the INSHA I training consists of 6 parts of 2 days each.
Cost: 3,600€

Main points of the training:

– healing of the life/death point
– charging of the kidney chi
– the subtle bodies (astral body connection, emotional body, work on the emotional body, causal body)
– to consciously integrate and heal soul recollections in the brain center line and their equivalent in the spine
– to recognise and change key points of genetic nature in the brain inherited from parents as well as karmic disease patterns inherited from family
– the five elements and meridians in the body in relation to the brain waves
– execution of meridian balancing work
– chakra information in the brain and connection of these information to the brain waves
– balance and healing of chakras in the brain and body
– meaning of the brain rhythm central points/BRCPt
– balance of the brain waves through the BRCPt
– dissolving of the physical, emotional, mental and causal structures
– aura rings
– healing through sound
– work with the fire crystal
– the holy points of the feet
– the secret of the cerebral cortex

Work on the life point

Many people feel that they have not properly arrived on Earth. This feeling often stems from a birth trauma. Here work on the birth point begins.
The birth point is connected through the metal element of the 5 elements cycle with the body. The energetic work on the birth point relates back to this point. The first element activated upon birth, is the metal element. Its corresponding organs are the lungs and the large intestine. Here resonances to the inner and outer breathing organs and to the digestive tract are found. Recovery processes are accelerated through work on the birth point and activation of the element cycle.

Charging of the kidney chi

Our kidneys carry a large part of our life energy (chi) and distribute it in the body. When we are subjected to stress or other straining situations in our life, then more kidney chi is needed by the body. The kidney chi thereby diminishes quicker with detrimental effects. Charging the kidney chi replenishes the body’s vitality, making you feel more active and balanced ready to tap your full life potential.

Consciously integrating and healing soul recollections in the brain center line and their equivalent in the spine
Back pain is one of the common ailments of today’s society. The spine is subjected to most physical strain. If you add emotional strain as well, then you find direct amplification in the spine. Pain in the spine and the back therefore often signifies, apart from the physical causes, a theme in your life that is not lived or is blocked. When resistances in the spine are dissolved and life aspects are consciously re-integrated, then the body enters an effective, holistic self-healing process.

Parent-karma release

Our parent’s heritage is the sum of what we learn from them and what they genetically inherit us. Parent-karma release focuses on the quality of the genetic heritage. The genetic code is inherited from generation to generation. Here lies the cause for specific diseases which seem to run in the family; a tendency for addiction, very specific destructive thought processes observed in other family members and much more. The goal of parent-karma release is to free the person from these family ties, dependencies, diseases and burdens. Hereby the person is released of anything that no longer belongs to them, has become oblivious or rather is no longer needed for growth and learning.
The release, the healing process, that the person goes through, is incomparable and so important that the individual has to orientate themselves in their new found freedom. This may unsettle at first and lead to misunderstandings or protests. But what new beginning which has been longed for hasn’t got this effect?

INSHA II – the new healing methods of the Age of Aquarius

The INSHA II training conveys the transformation of material body structures into crystal light structures. Karmic structures are transformed. The body is supported with crystalline energy and therefore is able to self-renew. Cells remember their ability to regenerate. On account of the many environmental factors influencing us, this had been hardly possible before. During the training an enormous light ascension occurs, which clears the path to self-awareness.

The new healing methods make it possible to give the body back original information of health in form of crystalline energy, which are stored in the planetary structures. Thereby healing on all levels becomes possible and the human mind experiences a re-focusing. In the Age of Aquarius, great powers are going to be released, which will become accessible to participants during the course of the training. The light process of the ascending consciousness brings with it the transformation of the material structures of the body into crystal light structures. The channeling of light between consciousness and the human body is established again.

In the time of Atlantis, the body, consciousness and light detached themselves and could no longer be experienced as a complete unit. The crystal structures, that were inherent in our bodies as light back then, began to diminish. It is time for the crystal structures of light and the consciousness in the human body to be re-awakened and to be transformed. Many modern reactions and disease patterns of the body can be traced back to the light and the body not being connected.

The INSHA II training lasts 21 days and is split into 3 parts.
During the first part, you’ll learn how to release remnant structures of karma in the body, which manifest themselves as disease patterns, physical and psychological appearances.
Once the body is freed from these karmic remnants, you will experience the functioning of the crystal structures in the body during the second part. Also how these can be re-activated to bring body and light into balance.

21 days split into 3 parts (7 days each)


Contents of teaching on request.

INSHA healer:

– are reminded of their abilities from Atlantis
– are reminded of their origin and their healing abilities
– carry special abilities in their hands
– have a special bond with one another
– transform through love
– are humans like you and me following their desire for healing
– study together
– are bright and aware
– recognise the sound of the soul and use it
– work with the fire of transformation
– remind the cells of their original vibration – I am healthy
– love to be with one another
– support one another in their growth
– use the power of the crystals
– love life
– recognise the holiness in humans, animals and nature
– are deeply connected with the mysteries of the universe, the planets and Earth
– have their original sound beams on the Kaiserstuhl